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  • Good Relations Presents:

    Post lockdown: a new world of opportunity for brands?



    • Gord Ray, Brand Development Lead, Instagram
    • Richard Moss, CEO at Good Relations

    The world as we know it has changed. Common consumer attitudes & behaviours, which have historically shifted at the speed of tectonic plates, have been transformed in an instant. This has profound implications for how brands communicate today and as we emerge post lockdown.

    Join us for our next ‘Good Thinking’ virtual event, where we’ll explore this new consumer landscape, how brands have responded and what communicators need to be planning for next.

    We’ll hear from Gord Ray at Instagram on some of the most powerful brand campaigns on Instagram, the secrets to creating content that resonates with Instagrammers and what we can expect to see coming up over the next few months.

    And we’ll be discussing what ‘future’ brands are currently planning around, what new consumer attitudes and behaviours are likely to stick and what approaches can be adopted by brands who want to outsmart rather than outspend the competition.


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  • Good Relations Presents:

    Connecting Brands with Culture 

    Conscious Consumerism


    Speakers: Kerry Thorpe, Head of Communications, Europe (Ben & Jerry’s) & Katie Leggett, Sustainability cheerleader (innocent drinks)

    The UK is in the middle of a conscious consumer revolution. Ethical spending on everything from sustainable food, to green energy, electric vehicles and Fairtrade is on the rise; and the B Corp movement is growing rapidly. The growth of this market has been driven by increasing environmental concern, particularly among young people.

    Join us for a panel event featuring speakers from two brands which are leading the way in driving positive action through consumer marketing and communications.

    We’ll be sharing insights on how businesses can develop authentic communications and brand activism strategies, which drive positive action amongst conscious consumers.

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