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We host regular virtual events, bringing in inspiring speakers from across the PR & marketing industry to explore key communications challenges.

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  • Channelling creativity to combat the lockdown employee engagement slump


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    • Tom Coleman, Holland & Barrett
    • Huw Morgan, Good Relations

    After 12-months in lockdown, many employees are suffering from cognitive overload; drained by Zoom calls, overwhelmed by the increased volume of emails and IMs and hankering after the simple pleasures of a chat with a colleague over the desk.

    This lockdown slump has prompted employees to treat all but the most relevant and effective of internal communications as spam. But with insight, creativity and purpose, you can achieve cut through and engagement; even in the most challenging working environment in living memory.

    Join us for a discussion about how best to channel creativity to combat the lockdown engagement slump. Our special guest speaker from Holland & Barrett will join us to share how they have found innovative and effective ways to keep their people informed and engaged while stores remain open.



  • How to become best in class in B2B social media


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    • Fredrik Borestrom, LinkedIn
    • Anthony Rosendo, Airbus,
    • Robert Anderson, Good Relations

    The global events of the past twelve months are transforming B2B communications, accelerating digital transformation and fundamentally reframing stakeholder relationships.

    In the next event in our ‘Challenger Sessions’ series we’ll be exploring how brands can get ahead of the game to deliver maximum impact across B2B social media in 2021.

    We’ll be welcoming guest speakers: Fredrik Borestom from LinkedIn who will share examples of best practice from B2B brands on the platform, along with an overview of trends for 2021 and Anthony Rosendo from Airbus who will be sharing the secrets to the brand’s success on social media channels.



  • Maximising social media impact in 2021


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    • Gord Ray, Brand Development Lead at Instagram
    • Louise Cruttenden, Marketing Director at Huel
    • Robert Anderson, Executive Director, Social media at Good Relations

    The extraordinary events of 2020 have made for seismic shifts in our digital habits. We’ve become ever more reliant on social media as one of our main windows on the world.

    Join us for our next event in ‘The Challenger Sessions’ series as we get ahead of the curve and explore how to deliver maximum social media impact in 2021.

    We’re delighted to welcome Gord Ray, Brand Development Director at Instagram who will be sharing insights on how brands can tap into cultural trends to maximise social impact in 2021, and Louise Cruttenden, Marketing Director at Huel, who will be sharing the secrets to the brand’s success on social media channels.

  • Building Corporate Reputation: The Value of Taking a Stand


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    • Natalie Deacon, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs, CSR and Sustainability, Avon
    • Alex Murphy, Head of Marketing, Admiral Group Plc
    • Leigh Marshall, Associate Director, Good Relations

    For many of us, devising campaigns that address big social, economic and political issues is what gets us up in the morning. But the challenge of convincing businesses to put themselves out there on an issue, and take a stand, is easier said than done.

    With the nation in lockdown earlier this year, Admiral launched their “Stay at Home Refund” returning £110m to their car insurance customers. While Avon’s promise to help end violence against women and girls is backed by a real commitment to put resources, people and energy behind its efforts.

    Join us to hear from the people involved in these campaigns about how their businesses found the courage to take a stand and what this has done for their corporate reputation.

  • Lessons from a New Generation of Challenger Brands


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    • Ryan Martin, Global Business Marketing – Program Manager at TikTok
    • Maya Orr, Head of Marketing and Communications at LADbible Group
    • David Wiles, Executive Director, Consumer, Good Relations

    On 4th November, we’ll be hosting a discussion on what it means to be a challenger in brand communications with insights from TikTok and LADBible Group, two hugely successful challenger brands in the media industry.

    We’ll be discussing the challenger behaviours that have driven their growth, the brands that are using their platforms most effectively and what we can expect to see more of in 2021.


  • The New Rules of Placemaking


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    • David Barnett, Founder and CEO at LN (formerly Londonewcastle)
    • Hugo Cox, Property writer at The Financial Times and The Times
    • James Ralph, Director, Property at Good Relations

    With the country once more under lockdown, we invite you to join us for our latest property thought leadership discussion to learn how you can keep your 2021 placemaking strategy relevant in the face of Covid-19.

    We’re delighted to welcome David Barnett, founder and CEO of prominent London developer LN (formerly Londonewcastle), who will be discussing challenges presented by the de-urbanisation agenda and trends for more sustainable living.

    He will be joined by Hugo Cox, the award-winning international property correspondent who writes for the Financial Times and The Times. Hugo will be speaking about some of the best examples of placemaking he has witnessed from businesses in different cities, and what he thinks great placemaking will look like in the future.

  • Employees as brand champions: how to leverage your most powerful marketing tool


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    • Simon Groves, Director of Brand Marcoms – O2
    • Andrew Cocks, Head of Communication Strategy – O2
    • Huw Morgan, Director, Employee Engagement – Good Relations

    The pandemic has prompted businesses to be ever more agile and creative as they adapt their commercial strategies to meet today’s market challenges and customers’ needs. With employees one of the most trusted sources for customers, it’s more critical than ever that brands leverage the support of their people.

    Join us for a discussion about how best to engage employees to ensure they are your most powerful marketing advocates.

    Our guest speakers from O2 will share how they put employees at the heart of their latest brand campaign, starring Bubl, the blue robot.


  • The Need for Fresh Thought Leadership in Real Estate Communications


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    • Charlotte Whitley, Head of Communications – British Land
    • Sally Hickey – Finance Reporter, Property Week
    • James Ralph – Director, Good Relations Property

    The world is experiencing its greatest economic and social shock in more than a generation, little wonder that there is a lack of consensus on the prospects for commercial and residential property. Surging accommodation prices here in the UK are mirrored across the Atlantic, while every week seems to see a different voice and perspective on the future of the office.

    Why is this? Are we seeing an excess of optimism amongst industry thought leaders about the prospects for commercial and residential property, or are the cynics finding it tough to express their doubts against such a pessimistic backdrop? From the hybrid office to destination retail and last mile logistics, join us to understand how top brands are expressing their beliefs and shaping market opportunity from uncertainty.

  • Mind the Covid -19 Confidence Gap: How Can Brands Retain Trust?


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    • Una Kent, VP International Pharmacy, Retail and Brand Communications at Walgreens Boots Alliance
    • Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive at the New West End Company
    • Richard Moss, CEO, Good Relations

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a confidence gap, not just in business, but amongst consumers, employees and wider stakeholders. It is arguably the biggest challenge that communicators have had to face in a generation.

    As we ease into the ‘new normal’ join us for a discussion of the challenge at hand and how communications can bridge the COVID-19 ‘confidence gap’, creating an environment that supports business growth.

    Our expert panel will share insights into the communications strategies they have deployed to date across multiple stakeholder groups and the challenges they expect to face over the coming months.



  • How Can Personal Finance Brands Win Trust Over The Next 12 Months?


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    • Katie Morley – Consumer Champion, Daily Telegraph
    • James Daley – Managing Director, Fairer Finance
    • Leigh Marshall – Associate Director, Good Relations

    As we lean into Covid-19 recovery, most consumers are facing up to new pressures on their personal finances. We’ve moved from an economy on the up to recession in a few months, forcing everyone to rapidly rethink how they spend, save and plan for the coming years.

    Personal finance brands have a vital role to play in supporting individuals, families and communities. Over the past few months, we’ve seen some heavily criticised for a lack of understanding or flexibility. But we’ve seen others rise to the challenge, re-engineer their propositions around customer needs and put their values into action.

    So reflecting back on the experience and looking forward, how can personal finance brands win the confidence of their customers? Join us for a discussion in which we’ll hear from one of the UK’s most effective consumer affairs journalists and a leading consumer group talk about what’s shaping their agenda, how to meet the needs of customers and what challenges brands can expect.



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