A win for the Airbus team at the CorpComms Awards!




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A huge congratulations to our Airbus team for winning ‘Most Creative use of Content’ at the CorpComms Awards!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Good Relations won ‘Most Creative use of Content’ at the CorpComms Awards for their work helping Airbus celebrate 50 years of ‘pioneering progress’ this year. 

To mark its 50th anniversary, Airbus wanted a global campaign that celebrated its many achievements and forged an emotional connection with its past, present and future that would resonate with employees, customers and other key stakeholders.

The campaign, which kicked off on the anniversary, focused on 50 moments of pioneering progress within Airbus’ history that contributed to its success. These were drawn together, using the existing framework of airbus.com, into a fresh and fun advent-style calendar, which unlocked content day-by-day.

Across the 50 days, 684 items of creative content were shared across paid, owned and earned channels. Each featured a fresh campaign identify, so that they stood out against Airbus’ typical activity. The content was also translated into several languages, allowing local market teams to celebrate too!

Read more about the winning work here.

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