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News-jacking the Fifty Shades of Grey film, with a leaked internal memo, a rope, and cable ties.

By the time the literary phenomenon, 50 Shades of Grey, had reached the cinema the whole country was familiar with Mr Grey and his penchant for various cable ties and tape.

We knew that one of the most iconic scenes in the movie included a trip to a hardware store so this felt like a golden opportunity for B&Q to own the media agenda. We created an internal memo which explained to B&Q staff that the film may encourage customers to come into store asking for rope and cable ties and advising on how to handle those rather sensitive enquiries.

A truly contagious idea, creating a 10% increase in footfall

With the help of a friendly contact at a newswire we then leaked this memo to the media, stood back and watched the story catch fire. This simple, low cost news angle resulted in over 200 pieces of media coverage, a reference from Simon Cowell on X-Factor, 6 million impressions on Twitter and most importantly a 10% increase in footfall – a truly contagious idea.

This was a 

Consumer PR

Project for B&Q

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