EDF Energy Announces A New Era of Low Carbon, Electric Travel


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 Positioning EDF Energy as the perfect partner to help you make the switch to electric.

To support EDF Energy’s diversification into electric vehicles, we were tasked with strengthening the association between the brand and electric vehicles in the mind of the consumer. In a competitive sector full of complicated and mixed messaging we had to give the consumer a reason to engage now and choose EDF Energy for their electric journey. 

To stand out in the sector we wanted to position EDF Energy as the brand which simplifies complex issues and we tackled a subject that everyone is aware of but no one really understands – the carbon footprint. 

Coverage in key media titles including The Daily Telegraph & The Guardian

We identified the compelling truth that the emissions from petrol and diesel cars are fourteen times what they would be if all those vehicles were to switch to electric by 2030. We also uncovered the fact that two thirds of Brits are unaware of the impact of their vehicle on their carbon footprint.
To illustrate this fact and position EDF Energy as experts in electric vehicles, we unveiled two giant footprints on the beach at Whitby Bay. The footprints simply but emphatically communicate how drivers can vastly reduce their carbon footprint by switching to an electric vehicle.
Coverage featuring detailed messaging has already appeared in key media titles for EDF Energy’s core audience including The Guardian, City AM, Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph.

This was a 

Project for EDF Energy

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