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We run a 24/7 brand newsroom for Lidl, one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK

While they have seen tremendous growth in recent years, they still have a perception among some shoppers of selling a limited range of goods rather than a curated choice of great value products. Our mission is to show how Lidl can help you ‘Think Big For Every Lidl Occasion’

Our strategy was to win the hearts and minds of shoppers and grow basket size by showing that Lidl offers a full range of great value products for every occasion and across all in-store categories.

A constant flow of creative and disruptive stories

We focused on the unexpected quality that can be found at Lidl, transforming the  perception of the brand by using PR to drive sales for everything from prosecco and premium gins, to bargain Christmas trees, giant ‘cowboy steaks’ and a limited edition fashion line with model, Heidi Klum.

In particular, when they told us they were selling organic prosecco at just £7.99 a bottle we knew this had the making of a great story. Thanks to a little research we discovered that the lower sulphate content of organic drinks can lead to a reduced hangover. We jumped on this insight and carefully crafted a press release to position the new bottle as ‘Hangover Free Prosecco’ – an eye-catching, conversation-sparking claim which we knew would fuel debate across the newsdesks.

The story landed in nearly 100 media titles nationwide, with a potential reach of over 1 billion including a live test feature on Channel 4’s The Last Leg.

But most importantly Lidl sold out of every bottle of prosecco in store and thousands of people got to wake up after an enjoyable night headache free (not scientifically proven)!

Via a constant flow of creative and disruptive stories such as these, we have helped to position Lidl as the supermarket destination for premium beers, wines and spirits driving consumers to reappraise the brand and increase total spend in-store.

With a variety of stories landing every single week we have helped Lidl to outshout their competitors, increase share of voice and overtake Waitrose as the UK’s seventh largest supermarket.

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Consumer PR

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