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Consumer PR

Growing basket size by focusing communications on great value, as opposed to low-price.

If there’s one thing Lidl do brilliantly, it’s sell amazing quality products at unbelievable prices. So when they told us they were selling organic prosecco at just £7.99 a bottle we knew we had a good story. But we wanted that story to be great and go everywhere so we did a little research.

It can be claimed that the lower sulphate content of organic drinks leads to a reduced hangover. We carefully crafted a press release to imply just that and let the sub editors land on ‘Hangover Free’ prosecco just as we knew they would.

Landing 100 media titles & reaching over 1 billion

A few days after our announcement, the story landed in nearly 100 media titles with a potential reach of over 1 billion including a live test feature on Channel 4’s The Last Leg. But finally, and most importantly, Lidl sold out of every bottle of prosecco in store and thousands of people got to wake up after an enjoyable night headache free*.

*Not scientifically proven.

This was a 

Consumer PR

Project for Lidl

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