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Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

Driving collaboration and millions in efficiency savings with a moustache.

Nationwide, the UK’s largest building society, needed to inspire colleagues to drive innovation within the business, which would help them meet an ambitious efficiency goal.

We scoured Nationwide’s archives for inspiration and came across Arthur Webb; a pioneering figure who championed innovation and led the Society during two World Wars.

Driving £2million in efficiency savings in two months

At the heart of the campaign is a film narrated by Nationwide CEO, Joe Garner, featuring colleagues and execs promoting their practical and outlandish efficiency ideas along with the proud exclamation: “I am Arthur.”

Arthur Webb’s most striking physical feature was his rather impressive moustache. This moustache provided a visual cue which was first introduced in the “I am Arthur” film and then appears like a golden creative thread throughout the campaign.

The campaign has directly driven £2million in efficiency savings in six months and has already won three employee engagement awards in 2018; the IC Brilliance Awards, the Corporate Engagement Awards and the PRCA Dare Awards.

This was an 

Internal communications & Employee engagement

Project for Nationwide

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