Driving education around complex mental health


St Andrew’s Healthcare


Corporate PR

Breaking down stigma around mental health disorders 

To help further their charitable purpose of driving education and breaking down stigma around complex mental health disorders, mental healthcare provider St Andrew’s Healthcare engaged our services.  

Educating audiences on complex mental healthcare

St Andrew’s Healthcare is a charity providing specialist mental healthcare for patients with some of the most complex, challenging mental health needs in the UK.

St Andrew’s provides treatment and care for over 800 patients who face mental illnesses, developmental disorders, brain injuries and neurological conditions. More than 90% of patients at St Andrew’s have been placed via the NHS.

Our remit is to help educate audiences on complex mental healthcare, to promote the research partnerships and initiatives undertaken by the charity to further understanding of mental health, and to contribute to the conversation around the role of specialist mental health providers in the UK.

This was a 

Corporate PR

Project for St Andrew’s Healthcare

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