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It’s not rocket science, it’s TrustFord Now.

The retail landscape is transforming beyond recognition. Some of the biggest names on the high street have disappeared, outperformed by newer and more innovative players who are better serving consumer needs. Against this backdrop, we’ve been driving a new and highly innovative service for TrustFord, the world’s largest Ford-owned dealership group.

Inspired by the likes of Amazon Prime Now, we have developed and launched TrustFord NOW, allowing customers to drive away selected vehicles in as little as an hour. This revolutionary new service meets the needs of modern customers who aren’t prepared to wait to receive their new car or van.

Rolling out a new point of sale 

Inspired by the thought of people who need their vehicles ‘now’, we have created contagious social content around an astronaut on final countdown (‘getting the right car now at TrustFord isn’t rocket science’) and a strongman who needed a car to tow (‘getting the right car now at TrustFord isn’t like pulling teeth’).

We’ve turned this turned content into TV advertising, press and radio ads, rolled out new point of sale across the group, developed an internal communications campaign and gained extensive PR coverage.

Our multi-award-winning campaign has set new benchmarks for driving positive sentiment, lead generation and sales.

This was a 

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Project for TrustFord

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